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how to choose a good vacuum cleaner

When buying a vacuum cleaner, everyone is always hunting for that one vacuum cleaner that will meet all their needs perfectly and serve them for a long time.

However, the search is never easy given that there are hundreds of vacuum cleaners out there. The only thing that can ease your search is knowing what features you need in your vacuum cleaner.

The list below will be helpful in your search:

Suction Power

When you hear of suction power, this is the power difference that is created by the vacuum’s pump. Common vacuum cleaners have 20kPa suction power. For vacuum cleaners, higher suction equals more power.

A vacuum cleaner with a higher suction power will do a perfect job because it will pick up almost everything. So, if you have pets that tend to shed more often or if you have long hair, a great suction will work best for you.

 Filters Dust circulation is one of the biggest issues that is hard to deal with when using vacuum cleaners. You are more likely to inhale some small dust particles and other potentially harmful microorganisms from the air exhausted by your pump. Even with the best filtration system, the issue is never solved exhaustedly because ultra-fine dust particles still find their way out. The manufacturers can get a perfect filtration system, but it would clog up after short periods of usage and become ineffective. However, with better search you can get a better filtration option that makes a perfect compromise between guaranteeing optimal airflow and filtering effectiveness. These options include: ·

Disposable filters. With these, you will solve the inhalation dust problem but you will have to replace them every few months. · Washable filters. These filters are made of foam-like materials that last for years. All you do is wash them with your washing machine or dishwasher, dry them then place them back into your vacuum. ·​

Cyclonic separation. The design here cycles the air sucked into your vacuum so fast forcing the dust particles to fall into your dirt recipient. · Water filtration. Here, the sucked air passes through a water layer that wets the dust particles thus becoming heavy to fly anymore. The main disadvantage of the water filtration option is that you will have to clean up the water compartment after every use. · HEPA filtration. If you are allergic, this is the perfect option for you. It filters 99.97% of all the dust particles to release virtually no amount of dust. · 

Odor filters. If you plan to vacuum a dusty and funny smelling area, then odor filters will serve you right. They are made of active coils, and they eliminate funny smells and dust.

 Upright Vs Canister Vacuum Cleaners 

There are two types of upright vacuums: fan-bypass cleansers and direct fan cleaners. The direct-fan upright uses less power but with less cleaning power as well. The fan bypass upright require double the power used by the direct-fan uprights and are ideal for both floor and carpet cleaning activities.

For canister vacuums, one feature sets them apart. They have the possibility to attach different heads which makes them ideal for different jobs. They come with special heads for furniture dust and different types of surfaces including hardwood floors, and carpets and so on. If you settle for an upright vacuum, ensure that it has a button to turn on/off the roller brush if you have shag carpet

Handheld Vs. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners 

A handheld vacuum cleaner brings usability required, for example, when cleaning up your cars, a complex furniture, between sofa cushions and so on. It is also ideal for the narrow places that are hard to reach with either a canister or an upright vacuum cleaner. 

You can also easily remove various stains, pet hair, spills or anything else you want to clean up. On the other hand, robotic vacuums are perfect for this one feature, “set it and forget it”. They are also clean, tight corners perfectly because most use variable air flows, spinning brushes, UV sterilization or possess mopping capabilities.


A vacuum cleaner is supposed to ease your cleaning job. It should, therefore, be lightweight for easy maneuverability while getting the job done. For this reason, the best vacuum cleaner should weigh 10 pounds and below. If you decide to go for one weighing around 20 pounds, ensure that it has the self-propelling feature that will be more useful when vacuuming large surfaces.

However, if you have weight problems, and you can only work with a very lightweight vacuum cleaner, you can go for the stick versions. You will find a good vacuum cleaner weighing as low as 4 or 5 pounds. But, one drawback of such a light vacuum is that you will be forced to push harder when working on your deep rugs of the carpets to get the root of the fibers.

 Cordless Vs. Corded

 If you haven’t had the chance to use both of them, corded and cordless, you must be confused about which one to choose. The latest trend in the vacuum cleaners industry involves the production of cordless devices. The main difference between the two is that with a cordless vacuum cleaner, you won’t drag the cord along or get it dragging this and that as you vacuum. However, the drawback comes in when one have to stop vacuuming to recharge it. But, if you only need it to vacuum a small place, it will be ideal.​

For large to average homeowners, it is better you stick to corded vacuums. The top rated models last around thirty minutes before recharging them. Also, the suction power decreases as the charge decreases unlike in the corded one that remains constant.

Bagged Vs Bagless 

A bagged vacuum will require a new bag after every two months if you clean frequently. The only drawback here is in buying and replacing the bags every so often. On the other hand, the bagless model wins as an eco-friendly approach but the downside is in cleaning the dust container plus removing any stuck hair. However, you can get a vacuum cleaner with better structural design that will allow you easier access to the dust cup.

So, if you don’t like the mess that could come with emptying and cleaning the dust container, just go for the bagged option. Noise By all means, go for a vacuum cleaner with very minimal noise if not quiet. Noisy vacuum cleaners can make your cleaning a nightmare and leave you with a serious headache. There are many available options on the market, and you can get one that works perfectly and silently.

Dust Capacity

 The dust capacity of the vacuum cleaner determines how often you buy and replace the bags or empty and clean the dust container. Overall, this determines how much you spend on the bags or how much time and energy you spend on washing the dust container. The best vacuum cleaner should have the largest dust capacity to give you some allowance even if you clean frequently.

 Pop Out Canister 

A vacuum cleaner with a pop out canister is much better because you can use it easily on stairs, window casings, etc.

Tall Enough Handle Vacuum cleaning is all about getting the place clean and should not leave your back hurting. The best vacuum cleaner should have the right handle size for you to give you an easy time cleaning.

Price Tag 

For most people, the price tag is the main indicator of a good vacuum cleaner. However, the best product is that that fits your budget. If you need a product just to get you through a couple of years, then purchasing a cheaper one will be ideal but if you need one to last you a lifetime, don’t mind digging deeper into your pocket. Any vacuum ranging from $400-$500 is a cleaner you will use with pleasure, great filtration, warranty, accessories, etc. There are others ranging between $30-$150, and they too will get the job done just fine. Warranty

 You will find most vacuum cleaners that come with warranty, but the length of the warranty serves as a great indicator of the product’s quality. Also, be sure to check the warranty inclusions. The best vacuum cleaner warranty should include both parts and labor costs. Conclusion It’s my hope that this list helps you in choosing the best vacuum cleaner and have the best of the time doing your cleaning. Good luck!

Best Mountain Bike Gloves

Best Mountain Bike Gloves

Mountain bike lovers will stop at nothing to have the best experience with every ride. However, one simple way to ensure that you enjoy every experience is by having the best mountain bike gloves. With this, you will have better grips, have more control of your bike, and reduce hands fatigue as well as numbness from the rough terrain impact. In this article, we have looked at some of the best gloves for mountain bikes, both for use in warmer and cold climate because not all gloves will do well in both climates.

Zookki Cycling Gloves, Mountain Bike Gloves, Men/Women Work Gloves

Touch recognition If you will be using any touchable control electronic item while riding, these gloves will come in handy as you won’t have to take them off. This is very convenient especially when you have to receive a call or reply a text message on your phone.

High-quality material

These gloves feature 3-dimensional tailoring where the surface is made of triple sandwich mesh cloth. It also features lycra fabric and the overall construction is very elastic, breathable and has moisture-wicking features to keep your hands dry.

Shock absorbing palm fabric

The gloves are designed to have a skip-proof palm fabric that also acts as a shock absorber. They are thus very helpful, especially when riding on bumpy or rough terrain as they do a great job reducing numbness.

Buffer layer

The gloves’ palm part features silica gel that acts as a buffer layer thus ensuring that you won’t have fatigued palms at the end of your riding. The layer also prevents slipping, mostly when riding or rough or slippery terrain. Reflective piping If you love riding your mountain bike at night, then you should prioritize your safety. These gloves offer one way to do it by having reflective piping on the hand surface thus increasing visibility while also promoting safety when in darkness. Sweat wiping cloth Most people sweat after riding for some time. These gloves feature a terry cloth on both thumbs and the design is very helpful if you hate the distracting sweat from your eyes or lips. You can just wipe where needed without going over the whole face.

Verdict: these are great gloves to invest in especially for frequent mountain bike riders. The only drawback is that they are not waterproof and they have no insulation so they might not be the best to use under extremely cold climate. However, they are well ventilated, and they do a great job with moisture wicking.

Troy Lee Designs Air Glove-Men’s ​

 Strong and durable gloves If you are in need of durable mountain bike gloves, then these air gloves will suit you. They are made of a durable leather material, and you can safely wash them in a washing machine without the leather stiffening. Again, they are available in various colors so you can have a pair in each color. However, while washing the gloves, avoid using fabric softeners as they tend to reduce their moisture wicking abilities.

Flexible and true to size Most of the time buyers are forced to go a size up or down when buying gloves, but these are true to the size. They are also very flexible, and this makes you feel comfortable while riding your bike. They are specifically made for mountain biking, so they help you shift, brake, or adjust any other equipment with ease without taking them off. Grips well These gloves have plenty of grips.

They feel more comfortable compared to most brands, and they give you better control of your bike even when on tough terrain. Also, because of their moisture-wicking properties, these gloves do well on just any bikes, and you can rely on them even when riding under hot conditions. Great for riding in cold climates These gloves do not have any real insulation thus might not do so well in super cold conditions, but they are great in cutting the wind on the rider’s hands. They are also not waterproof, but they keep you warm when riding in cold climates as long as it’s not extreme cold.

Very breathable If you sweat when riding, all you need is a breathable pair of gloves, and these are the best. They allow perfect air circulation thus keeping your hands cool, and this is very important as you maintain a good grip thus better control of your bike. Verdict: these gloves are true to their description, and they are extremely comfortable. They also look great. The only thing most buyers wish they had is gel padding or any cushion, but they still do a great job.

FIRELION Unisex Outdoor Cycling Gloves, Gel Pad, Touch Screen Feature, Bike Bicycle Gloves, Downhill Off Road MTB DH Glove

 Durable gloves These gloves are made with durable fabrics. As such, they not only look great but also last a long time. They are available in pure black, bland and green, and black and red. All the three options look great, and they are super comfortable. Touch Screen Compatible You will no longer have to take off your gloves as you use your smart mobile devices. These gloves feature a touchscreen with fingers, index, and thumb, thus making them very convenient. Perfect grip When it comes to griping, these gloves have the best grips, and you will notice the difference immediately.

 They make it easy to have total control of your bike no matter the terrain, and they make newbie mountain bike riders have an easy start. Gel Padded Palm If you have experienced fatigued hands or numbness after a ride, then it’s time you invested in gloves with good padding. These feature a gel padding on the palms, and it acts as a shock absorber while also making you feel comfortable throughout the ride. Great thumb sweat wiping feature Again, you will no longer have to wipe the entire face while riding.

These gloves are designed to have a great wipe function that’s not only soft but also super absorbent. Breathable Fabrics The gloves are specifically designed for use during spring, fall. As such, they are very breathable, and they keep your hands cool no matter the weather. Verdict: these are great gloves for spring, fall mountain bike riding. They are durable and look great too. They also prevent calluses but can’t keep you warm in winter weather.

 Conclusion You cannot enjoy mountain bike riding without the best mountain bike gloves. The list above represents the best gloves for mountain bikes, and we have looked at what makes each great. With the right gloves, you get to have a good time riding, and your hands remain in good shape after riding. We hope that with this article, shopping for your next pair of gloves will be easier.